intelligent lighting systems

The Acutrace MVAC System also incorporates full lighting controls for modern commercial buildings using KNX and Dali protocols. Our system uses presence / absence detection and daylight harvesting to ensure accurate control and to minimise lighting energy costs.

Lux level measurement, Emergency Light testing and room temperature measurement are just some of the integrated functions in Acutrace MVAC Software.

key benefits

  • Intelligent lighting control
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Emergency Lighting - automatic testing and reporting
  • Energy Saving – maintaining perfect Lux levels
  • Intelligent sensors for absence and presence detection
  • Global international standards
  • Easy to rearrange rooms or re-group lighting
  • Increases the building value
mvac building logo
mvac building logo
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Absence & presence detection
    Dali lighting controls
    KNX wiring & interfaces
  • acutrace Dali interface hubs
    acutrace lighting control panel
  • Total building control network
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