energy measurement

Acutrace MVAC allows users to Measure, Visualise, Analyse and Control their energy costs. MVAC can measure all utilities including Electricity, Water, Gas, and Oil and can also monitor, control and interface with essential building systems such as Back-up Generators, Fire alarms and Building Management Systems.

The Acutrace MVAC software ensure seamless integration of all Building Automation Systems into one complete system allowing visualisation of all building functions in a simple web-based user friendly platform.

key benefits

  • Measurement of all utilities
  • Identify Avoidable Wasted Energy
  • Identify Energy Saving Opportunities
  • Verify the effectiveness of Energy projects
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Real time measurement
  • Local and Cloud data storage
  • Clear precise display of kWhrs – CO2 - € Cost – W/m2
mvac building logo
mvac building logo
  • Sub-distribution boards
  • Sub-circuit measurement
  • Multi-vendor
    Energy meter networking
  • Power measurement main board
    Mains water measurement
    Gas mains measurement
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